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A Dayton warehouse faces $63,000 in fines after an electrocution incident that occurred last September.

As reported on, a worker of the warehouse at 15 Thatcher Road had to be resuscitated after getting electrocuted by the conveyer system.   Although he was hospitalized, he was later released to recover from home.

Several violations were found at this facility – including no strain relief for cords and cables, improper installation of equipment, unprotected wiring, using cords and cables instead of fixed wiring, and unclosed openings in electrical panels .

“Electrical hazards are one of the most common issues impacting workers, and the dangers involved are hardly a secret to employers,” Patricia Jones, director of OSHA’s Avenel Area Office, said in a prepared statement. “This was a preventable tragedy.”

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Note: e-Hazard considers this a serious shock. Electrocution is fatal.

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