Energized Guy Wire Causes Electrocution Incident

A picturesque forest clearing with power poles stretching into the distance

Two utility workers have died of electrocution because of an energized guy wire.

In Orange County, New York, two workers were given the routine job of inspecting guy wires, the support lines that help support power poles. They had been contracted by Orange and Rockland Utilities. A news report described the work as “non-electrical maintenance” on the poles.

One of the guy wires was energized. When the workers contacted it, the incident occurred.

According to one news report, a nearby resident knew something had gone wrong when lights in his house flickered and he heard an explosion.

The workers were working in a remote area. The incident sparked a brush fire that destroyed the ATVs the workers had used to get to the area.

The investigation is ongoing.



Ken Sellars

Ken Sellars

Ken Sellars is an instructor of electrical safety, NEC, Grounding/Bonding and Arc Flash Safety courses nationwide. Read more about Ken.

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