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One of the things I have pointed out for years but most folks still don’t understand is that shocks (especially high voltage or high amerage shocks) often include an electric arc element.  In the old days, electrical contacts almost always had more burns associated with them than today (Not to minimize shock.  It kills far more than arc flashes.).  The reason was that often the clothing would ignite.  This is called a “tracking arc”.  Tracking of high voltage across the top of the skin or through the sweat in the skin often would cause ignition of clothing and subsequent burns.  Now that arc rated clothing is more common, this is becoming less likely.   Arc rated base layers make a huge difference in overall survival from electrical contact incidents.  Pass the word on in your arc flash and electrical safety training.  If you want the best arc flash training materials and electrical safety training materials check with  We are the only true Electrical Safety Train the Trainer company in the industry.  You learn from experts, are supported by experts and can even have experts do your training, audits or arc flash studies.  Click here to see our arc flash & electrical safety experts resumes.

HECO Medium Voltage Contact not Fatality. Did the Arc Rated Clothing Help?

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