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A father of two has died from injuries he received from an arc flash incident that occured when he was reclaiming scrap metal from an abandoned workshop.  The surge of electricity from the blast shot metal debris over 5 meters away and caused 28% burns to the worker’s body. It is speculated that the accident occurred because the workmen wrongly assumed that the power had been completely turned off.

The newspaper link calls this a “pure accident” indicating that they DO NOT understand these incidents are completely preventable by proper lockout/tagout techniques.  NFPA 70E calls this creating an “electrically safe work condition”.  That did not exist in this incident.  Pure accident?  No. Purely preventable by a quality electrical safety program. Yes!  The laws in his country are very strick on lockout/tagout procedures.  Someone did not follow those procedures.  Electrical lockout requires testing circuit and the tester to assure there is NO power

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