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New OSHA standards changes will have an indirect impact on the Rolla Municipal Utilities (RMU). RMU Operations Manager Tom Parker told the Board of Public Works the new rules for electric power companies “may be good, but they don’t come without a cost.”

Municipal utility companies don’t fall under OSHA rules but follow guidelines of the American Public Power Association (APPA), impacted by OSHA.  Parker indicated the utility company would “see what APPA does.”

The new construction and general industry standards for electric power generation, transmission and distribution and electrical protective equipment were issued by OSHA in April, 2014. The deadline for compliance was set for July 10, 2014 and later revised to an extended date of October 31, 2014 before non-compliance status would be enforced.

While municipals do follow APPA, it is not an enforcement body and some states use their state OSHA to regulate municipals.  State OSHA’s must follow or exceed Federal OSHA.

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