e-Hazard’s National Electrical Code Class for Industrial Installations

This week e-Hazard is hosting our first class of the NEC 2017 for Industrial Installations.

As hot as the weather has been in Louisville lately, it’s a relief to be indoors. And what better way than learning about all the updates to the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70.


Our class is unique in that it focuses on industrial installations. We do not cover residential installations. I have been to a few excellent NEC classes over the years, given by different companies, and I had never seen a class that covered industrial installations to this depth. I am pleased that e-Hazard opened the door for me to develop this course so that the industrial-only option could be made available.

Topics we cover in class include service, branch and feeder circuits; motor installations and calculations; explosion-proof areas; industrial machinery; switchboards, switchgear, and panelboards; as well as HVAC equipment, welders, and generators.


Instruction time is intense. Students spend 40 hours over five days discussing Code regulations, getting updates on the latest Code changes, doing a variety of industrial calculations,  and getting lots of practice finding specific rules in the Code book.

The picture above shows you the materials students receive when they attend this class. All materials included with the class fee comprise of the latest version of the Code, Soares Grounding and BondingTom Henry’s Key Word Index, a student manual, a calculator, and tabs for marking the Code book.

Contact Us!

If your organization needs an industrial-based course that includes practical application and calculations on a variety of industrial examples, this is the course for you. Refer to our electrical safety training page to find out the dates of future NEC classes. You can call our Louisville office to speak to someone directly: (502) 716-7073.

Ken Sellars

Ken Sellars

Ken Sellars is an instructor of electrical safety, NEC, Grounding/Bonding and Arc Flash Safety courses nationwide. Read more about Ken.

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    1. We have a training class for NEC but haven’t had a request for TTT. I’m certain we would license the materials to a company for an attendee with qualifications to do the training. Contact Ken Sellars at e-Hazard.

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