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Our article on AR and FR gloves came out in the February-March 2019 edition of Incident Prevention.

In Specifying Arc-Rated and Flame-Resistant Gloves , Stacy Klausing and I discuss the different standards for shock and arc flash protection for gloves. We offer five steps to help you decide which gloves to buy for your employees:

  1. Use the proper standard and understand that standard’s focus and limitations
  2. Choose the levels of protection necessary for your work location
  3. Educate all your workers on which gloves are appropriate for the tasks they perform
  4. Take advantage of the new gloves on the market today. There are more choices than ever.
  5. “Stay ahead of the curve” by choosing gloves specific to the real hazard. Don’t settle for simplistic terms like “flame-resistant” or “self-extinguishing” when your hazards may be more defined.

Read our full article online.



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