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OSHA published the long awaited final rule revising the standards for power generation, transmission and distribution on April 11, 2014.  The document is now available in the Federal Register.  The document becomes law July 10, 2014, although OSHA has adopted delayed compliance deadlines for certain requirements including Fall Protection, PPE, new determination of MAD distances and arc flash hazard assessment.


Compliance date

Fall protection for climbing April 1, 2015
Work-positioning systems no   free fall more than 2 ft. April 1, 2015
Establish minimum approach   distances in accordance with   1926.960(c)(1)(i) and 1910.269(l)(3)(i). April 1, 2015
Arc Flash Calculations January 1, 2015
Outer layer of clothing,   except for clothing not required to be arc rated, is flame resistant when the   estimated incident heat energy exceeds 2.0 cal/cm2 April 1, 2015
Require protective clothing   and other protective equipment with an arc rating greater than or equal to   the estimated heat energy whenever that estimate exceeds 2.0 cal/cm2. April 1, 2015

Federal Register Legal Version of the Final Rule

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