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Attention:  CESCP candidates

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Electrical Safety Compliance Professional, e-Hazard courses may help you get there.

The NFPA’s CESCP certification program, announced in October, offers electrical professionals an impressive credential which documents their knowledge of NFPA 70E and proves their commitment to safety.  The program’s goal is to encourage electrical safety within the industry. 

Applicants need to complete a set of eligibility requirements–including 40 hours of electrical safety training–and pass a 100-question exam (for complete details and application form, see  Once you become CESCP certified, you must re-certify every three years.

NFPA does not per-approve electrical safety courses that qualify for the 40 hours of required training, but will evaluate submitted courses on a case-by-case basis.   e-Hazard courses  have been accepted for past applicants.  In addition to courses offered by NFPA, other training options might include IEEE continuing education, IBEW courses and other good quality electrical safety training.

If you’ve already taken e-Hazard NFPA 70E training, you may be well on your way to becoming certified!

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Hugh Hoagland is the foremost tester of clothing and PPE exposed to electrical arcs and is an arc flash expert. Read more about Hugh.

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