OSHA FAQs for 29 CFR 1910.269 and 29 CFR Part 1926, Subpart V

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In July 2014, OSHA’s changes in 1910.269 and 29 CFR Part 1926, Subpart V, became effective.

This final rule seeks to improve workplace safety and health for workers performing electric power generation, transmission and distribution work.

An OSHA FAQ page is available with general questions divided into five different sections.

The sections divided are as follows:

  1. General Questions.
  2. Information-Transfer (Host-Contractor) Questions.
  3. Fall Protection Questions.
  4. Minimum Approach-Distance Questions.
  5. Arc-Flash Protection Questions.

These questions cover, among other things, the definition of a host employer, what information the host employer must supply to the contract employers, and whether or not the employer must provide arc-flash PPE to employees.

You can link to the page here.

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Hugh Hoagland

Hugh Hoagland

Hugh Hoagland is the foremost tester of clothing and PPE exposed to electrical arcs and is an arc flash expert. Read more about Hugh.

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