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Unclear if clothing ignited or not.  Contact injuries can often lead to clothing ignition.  A shock in 7200V almost always includes some arc flash burns.  IF clothing ignites the injuries are MUCH worse.  This is why clothing is so critical.  Something many companies don’t think about in a contact injury is that at higher voltages you get tracking (especially in sweat in the shirt in the summer).  This can lead to t-shirt ignition UNDER the arc-rated, flame resistant main shirt.  This is why NFPA 70E has begun to move away from requiring under garments.  We recommend arc-rated t-shirts.   They are making a difference in compliance and worker protection.  This type of work is regulated under OSHA 1910.269 and covered by the NESC (National Electrical Safety Code).

Click here to read the story in the Union Leader on a worker severly  burned by an electrical contact with a probable clothing ignition.

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