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Another facility.  Now the fines are over $3 million if I am not missing it.  That would pay for a huge electrical safety training and PPE program MANY times over.  Online training for NFPA 70E is out there and so many companies are doing assessments (differing quality but most mean you will protect the workers).  Hope the USPS can work this out.  Hate to see fine money move from one side of the govt (Is USPS still govt?) to the other but good to see workers getting protected.  Not that many affected workers at USPS but they do have maint and operators.  Operator’s training should be pretty easy.  Say an hour or less?  The interesting thing I read from a recent OSHA release is that a USPS manager had put out a memo NOT to do any NFPA training (I’d assume that this was NFPA 70E).  Strange that someone would put that in writing?  Why NOT do NFPA 70E training.  We have done it for the Census Bureau.  The FAA just bid theirs out.  They got their 20 sites trained for less than $250,000.  FAA was also doing arc flash studies as are other government agencies.  The DOE has been a leader in electrical safety for years.

Click here to read the OSHA citation for electrical hazards of Capitol Heights, MD USPS facility.

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