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These types of incidents are covered by CALOSHA and NESC. PG&E has a great safety and training program. The investigation will be swift. Read the article in the SF Chronicle online. Another article on same fatality. Another article, same fatality. Another article, same story. CalOSHA Confirms PG&E Death.
by , on March 17, 2010
Operator’s are often the victims of electrocution. Actually in some studies more likely. They need to know the hazards too. NFPA 70E committee considering adding Operators to the list of covered in the 2012 standard. It is clear in the standard they are doing “electrical tasks” when operating disconnects etc. Train your operators. Read the...
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We reported this, another sad fatality of a seaman in the line of duty. This one is another one which was completely avoidable. Electrocution shipboard. Ships are specifically excluded from many of the standards BUT the Navy is one of the MOST electrically safe organizations. Give me a nuclear navy trained electrician any day! I’ve...
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Another tool for utility workers to comply with the OSHA standards. This standard was promulgated in 1994 and was state of the art at the time. It has been superceded by the 2007 NESC but it is law so not following this is illegal. Still lots of fuzzy language but its intent is pretty clear....
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See Mark Saner’s article on high vis ANSI 107/CSA Z96/EN 471 and flame resistance. Mark surveys the requirements. Click here to read the OH&S article.
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There are a lot of free resources online for arc flash safety. is a great site to pick up some of those resources and get help if you need consulting, training or arc flash studies. offers arc flash testing, using ASTM F1959, F1506, F2178, F2676, F2621 and IEC 61482-1-1. Click here for a...
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"Safety Council awards The North Dakota Safety Council recognized several North Dakota companies, that displayed exemplary safety performance throughout 2009, during its annual Occupational Safety and Health Awards Banquet on Feb. 3 in Fargo. Friend of Safety and Health: Given to individuals or organizations making significant contributions that lead to a safer community and environment outside of their usual course of employment. Recipients: Monsanto/ Interstate Seed and Trihydro Corporation. Lifesaver Award: Awarded to individuals who have acted above and beyond the call of duty to assist and/or rescue another individual(s). Recipients: Jeff Hawn; and Gary Sanders, Emmons County Sheriff’s Department. Occupational Safety Merit Award: This award is given to companies showing an incidence rate which is equal or less than the national average in its North American Industrial Classification System code. Recipients: Baker Boy Bake Shop, Inc., Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Bureau of Reclamation, Cardinal IG, Corval Group, Dan’s Supermarket, Inc.-Corporate Office, Dan’s Supermarket, Inc.-Dan’s No. 1, Dan’s Supermarket, Inc.-Dan’s No. 2, Dan’s Supermarket Inc.-Dan’s No. 4, Grotberg Electric, Inc., Infinity Windows, Integrity Windows-Fargo, Integrity Windows-West Fargo, John Deere Seeding Group-Valley City, Marvin Windows and Doors, Monsanto, Montana Dakota Utilities-Great Plains Natural Gas, Ottertail Power Company, Otter Tail Power-Coyote Station and Trihydro Corporation. Outstanding Safety Professional of the Year: One award presented annually to an individual who has been instrumental in the development and implementation of safety programs that increase the safety of an organization or the community. Recipient: Lynn Beiswanger, Basin Electric Power Cooperative."
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Electric Arc & Safety Newsletter The Most Authoritative Source for Electrical & Arc Flash Safety News In This Issue Arc Test Dates NFPA 70E Thinks De-energized United Relay Patent on Arc Flash Energy Reduction Articles Accidents & Videos Chicago Electrical Trauma Research Program now an Institute Fines by OSHA & OHSA on Electrical Hazards New 5.5 oz...
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Love the idea behind this device. Shunt arc flash energy from the worker and make the fault quicker. This was introduced a few months back and it has been a real innovation that can be retrofitted for older style equipment. Read the article in the Bangalore Mirror.
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"BRIDGEPORT, Conn. - The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited Bozzuto's Inc. for 25 alleged violations of safety standards at its Cheshire, Conn., food distribution warehouse. The company faces a total of $58,750 in proposed fines. "These citations address a cross section of mechanical, electrical and exit access hazards that exposed workers to the dangers of electric shock, lacerations, amputation, and being caught in operating machinery or unable to swiftly exit the workplace in the event of a fire or other emergency," said Kang Yi, OSHA's acting area director in Bridgeport. "It is imperative that the company take effective action to ensure that all such conditions are corrected and do not reoccur." OSHA's inspection found workers unable to open emergency exit doors from inside the workplace; a lack of specific procedures to lock out the power sources for compactors and other machines to prevent their unintended startup during service or maintenance; unguarded grinder, table saw, compactor and other machinery; missing guardrails; no workplace hazard assessment to determine what types of personal protective equipment workers would need; a deficient respiratory protection program; unlabeled lifting slings; improperly stored oxygen cylinders; and several electrical hazards."