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by , on May 30, 2011
Here is a video interview with me on arc rated subjects. http://www.millikenfr.com/Pages/home.aspx
by , on May 26, 2011
Part three on the series of arc flash standards and safety. This article covers international arc test methods used in South Africa and is written by Zarheer Jooma of e-Hazard. Click here to read full article
by , on May 25, 2011
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by , on May 24, 2011
F887 – Standard Specifications for Personal Climbing Equipment has been revised to F887-11.  This standard has included an arc test since 2004.  The test is an exposure of 40 cal/cm2 for the harness and it must pass the drop test after the exposure. Click here to see the revision
by , on May 24, 2011
Two paving crew workers, the driver of the paver and a crew member walking beside the paver,  were transported to the hospital when a loading truck that was dumping asphalt into the paver attracted an arc of electricity from an overhead wire.  The truck did not come into direct contact with the wire but apparently was...
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