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by , on November 18, 2009
If you care about Combustible Dust (there are no guidelines mentioning flame resistant clothing even though this would save many lives), OSHA is having stakeholder meetings. Click here to see the OSHA press release.
by , on November 16, 2009
red background with burning question
A FOX station in Texas reports that firefighters could move downed power lines in emergencies IF they had rubber gloves on the trucks.¹ The story isn’t entirely inaccurate. There is a LOT more than rubber gloves needed for firefighters to move downed power lines.  Why not suggest hot sticks on each truck rather than just...
by , on November 16, 2009
Sounds like this is an arc flash incident. The local newspaper here has lots of local comments on the page. With the report of burns, sounds like this worker wasn’t wearing NFPA 70E compliant PPE. Read the account as it was reported.
by , on November 11, 2009
No. This blogger is very knowledgeable but wrong in assuming the IEC standards cited prevent all arc flashes. Incident data in all countries indicate the contrary. While there are NO standards for work practices in most countries depending on IEC design standards may help prevent many injuries but they will not prevent all injuries. See...
by , on November 10, 2009
Metergrabber stops an arc cold. Weight Balancing Arc Flash Shield 12 cal/cm2 Rating. Watch how it works!