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NEW SOUTH WALES – WORKCOVER, an online publication of NSW Government, has released an excellent article on the importance of safety when working around electricity and power lines.

Citing multiple incidents, including a fatality, the article emphasized the importance that businesses and employees should place on safety in an electrically charged work environment.

A recent analysis from the publication showed there had been two electrocutions and 14 electric shocks in a recent 12 month period, including electric shocks as well as deaths.

WorkCover NSW General Manager of Work Health and Safety Division, John Watson urges companies and workers take the necessary steps to ensure workers go home at the end of the day.

 “We want all workers to return home safely to their families and friends at the end of the day,” Mr Watson said. “But sadly this is sometimes not the case.”

Watson sites these basic steps as simple yet important practices to improve electrical safety. 

The article reminds us that special consideration must be given when working with overhead and underground power lines.

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