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ConEd has an exceptional arc flash PPE program. Two injured. One critical according to one report but not critical according to a ConEd report. Most like a manhole arc flash. Standers-by might think the person in the hole was worse off than reality. Arc flashes have substantial smoke which looks like serious burns but often turns out NOT to be. The clothing they wear is an 88/12 Arc-Rated cotton/nylon blend which might look very charred yet allow no burn on the worker. ConEd also uses in some instances Arc Flash Protective Blankets compliant with ASTM F2676. They have done most of the research on how to use these blankets and the ASTM F2676 Testing is performed by

As a utility they fall under the NESC-2007 and OSHA 1910.269.

Hope these guys are OK.

Click here to read the Fox News Story.

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