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For years, the safety industry has been searching for lighter-weight protection that would stand up to the hazards of arc flash. Now PBI Performance Products introduces the PBI Lightweight Gold 40-cal suit, the newest HRC 4 suit on the market in the lightweight category.
PBI says, “This product sets a new standard for arc flash protection and comfort. It combines a proven PBI Gold® outer shell with a Chambray™ thermal liner, featuring PBI G2™ batting. The combined layers deliver superior arc flash protection and durability in the lightest-weight, most comfortable NFPA 70E 40 cal/cm2 (HRC 4) arc flash system available.”
The PBI Gold outer shell is a blend of inherently flame resistant fibers with high performance Para-aramid fiber, offering a powerful shield of protection against arc flash, heat transfer, and garment ignition to prevent and/or reduce burn injuries and heat stress. PBI adds, “PBI Gold fabrics out-perform competitive fabrics when exposed to the blast force and intense heat of a HRC 4 arc flash, and retain protective properties after exposure to heat and flame. They will not shrink, melt or become brittle after high-energy exposures. The lightweight, breathable 4.5 oz. twill weave offers improved mobility, comfort, and wearability.”
Rounding out the system is the Chambray with PBI G Series™ thermal liner by Safety Components. This thermal barrier, developed exclusively for HRC 4 suits, consists of ultra-light PBI/aramid apertured layers that trap air and provide better insulation than conventional multi-layer systems. Chambray face cloth is engineered with ring spun yarn technology for improved fabric strength and a smoother, more comfortable fabric.
PBI representative Debra Robinson notes that this PBI Lightweight Gold 40 cal Suit Features:

  • Total system weight: 10.4 oz/yd2 (4.5 oz/yd2 outer shell, 5.9 oz/yd2 liner)
  •  Lightest, most comfortable HRC 4 suit in the industry
  •  Superior air permeability
  •  Reduced heat stress
  •  Inherently flame resistant
  •  Dimensionally stable
  •  Short after-flame time compared to many other systems
  •  Complies with NFPA 70E HRC 4
  •  Meets and Exceeds ASTM F1506
  •  Color options

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