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Propane company, Blue Rhino is challenging the findings of the OSHA investigation following the July 2013 incident at the Taveres, Florida plant. The company received 26 safety violations, 20 considered “serious” from OSHA investigators.

 The violations include “failure to train workers and exposing them to fire and explosion hazards during the process of refurbishing and filling propane cylinders, commonly used by consumers to fuel backyard barbecue grills.”


A sparking forklift is thought to have ignited a cloud of propane in the storage yard where, in an article from he Orlando Sentinel, an injured employee stated “workers manually drained propane from customer-returned cylinders, allowing the gas to seep into the air, because a machine used to suck out and capture the gas had not worked properly for a year.”

The blast could be felt from a mile away and five employees were in the hospital with severe burns; one in a coma for a month.

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