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NFPA 70E 2012 and 2015 do not allow even wedding rings to be worn when doing electrical work.

I have often heard people complain about not being able to wear their wedding ring when working as an electrician.  Some worker’s never wear a rings and while the spouse may understand and support you there may be a little hurt too.  Now you don’t have to break work rules or hurt your spouses feelings with the Qalo ring.  These non-conductive soft rings let you be signified as married AND be safe from electrical shock at the same time.  These are soft and will not hurt your rubber gloves.  They also will tear and not allow a finger to be pulled off by mechnaical hazards.

We haven’t arc tested it yet but under gloves it should be no issue.
The ring is silicone and those are typically very hard to ignite under 40 cal/cm².

Developed and sold for workout enthusiasts, they can be an electricians best friend.  We don’t sell them and they are less than $20, but we love them at e-Hazard because they are non-conductive.  More information can be found at


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