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Second Edition of CAN/ULC S801-14, Standard on Electric Utility Workplace Electrical Safety for Generation, Transmission, and Distribution now published. This standard for arc flash and electrical safety is a leading standard for Canada.

For more information about this Standard, please contact Gillian Ottley at 613-755-2729, ext. 61472 or by email at

While I don’t see an option for an online purchase, this is still a substantial change from the last version, based on the draft that I reviewed.  It uses SaskPower calculations and lots of guidance similar to OSHA 1910.269, but without the force of law (though Alberta is considering adoption).  The standard requires arc flash calculations and PPE.  Very similar to the US regulations other than calculation methods recommended. e-Hazard provides training on this standard for utilities and our line technician class has been used in three provincial utilities in Canada.


You can now purchase CAN/UL S801-14 on TechStreet

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