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OSHA cited Whitcraft LLC for 44 alleged serious violations of workplace standards at its Eastford, Conn., aircraft parts manufacturing plant.

OSHA said, “These sizable fines reflect the breadth and gravity of the hazardous conditions identified during our inspection at this workplace, conditions which should not have existed in the first place,”

The “electrical hazards including misused electrical equipment, lack of safe electrical work practices and personal protective equipment, and employees working on live electrical equipment; fire and explosion hazards stemming from combustible dust in improperly designed processing equipment and dust collection systems; combustible materials stored next to a heated press adjacent to an exit route; flammable liquids used in close proximity to ignition sources, and improper disposal of rags and swabs soaked with flammable liquids.”

 Important to note OSHA is tying in electrical more often and being tougher on it in the past two years.  ComDust also mentioned more often seems to me.

Click here to read the entire press release on electrical hazards at Whitcraft in CT.

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