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arc flash testing on bras and undergarments
This demonstration video illustrates the potential ignition of cotton undergarments using a cotton bra.
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arc flash testing a face shield
In this slow motion demo of an ASTM F2178 Test, the shield receives IR and UV early in the test and the plasma cloud near the end of the test.
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arc flash testing hair and beard net
Side-by-side arc flash testing of a hair/beard net.
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arc flash training on melting or kevlar chums
Side-by-side video compares the results of arc flash on a Melting CHUM and an arc tested Kevlar CHUM.
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arc flash testing safety shield
This slow motion video shows the difference between an electric arc with and without the use of a safety shield on a hotstick.
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arc flash 100a disconnect
Example of Slow Motion Arc Flash 100A Disconnect showing the impact of body position in arc flash.
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Educational Videos

arc fLash accident experience
Brian shares his real life experience of an arc flash. His powerful story reminds us of the importance of wearing proper PPE.
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arc flash rating of safety glasses
Three safety glasses are evaluated for arc rating vs. arc rated shields are discussed in this video.
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arc flash testing hardhat foam
Demonstration of arc flash testing on foam in hardhats for side impact protection.
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arc flash protection principles
Hugh Hoagland, discusses Electrical Workplace Safety, PPE and NFPA 70e compliance at the 2011 National Safety Council Expo.
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hugh hogland interview on arc flash gloves
Arc flash testing and training expert Hugh Hoagland, is interviewed by Ansell at the National Safety Council Expo, 2011.
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anti fog face shield testing
A series of experiments on anti-fogging technologies in face shields in -13 degrees Fahrenheit conditions.
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