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Worker Electrocution Due to Contact with High Voltage...

A 61-year-old construction worker died from electrocution this past June. The worker had been driving a dump truck to remove debris from a site in Lexington, KY. He raised the bed of the truck, and it struck the power lines above. The truck...

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How Can I Get Arc Flash Certification? | e-Hazard blog

We sometimes get questions from electrical contractors who have been told that their company must be arc-flash certified. I have to explain to the contractors that there is really no such thing as "certification" for a company in arc flash. Yet...

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Is Changing Light Bulbs Electrical Work? | e-Hazard blog

Q: Is it necessary to de-energize and LOTO? I would think, with the new focus in NFPA on hierarchy of risk control, the answer would be yes. But I'm getting a lot of push back on this. A: Per the NFPA standard, either turn it off using proper...

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Have Leather Coats for Workers Been Arc-Rated?

Q: Some of our workers perform work on batteries with sulfuric acid as an electrolyte. How well do leather coats stand up in that environment? Ours are unlined. A: I would recommend using AR rainwear in a working environment with sulfuric acid...

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What Does OSHA Say About Plugging Extension Cords Together?

Q: We had a client once comment: " I have been reading about plugging extension cords. I want to make sure when I go on one of our sites and say, 'You can't plug one cord into another' that I can give a reason why...

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I lease a building to assemble and ship. I have no one working on electrical equipment. I use contractors for all electrical work. Who is responsible for completing an NFPA 70E analysis and labeling everything -- me or the building owner?

Terri Wettle
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