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ASTM F18 voted by 92% to allow testing of ASTM D120 and ASTM F696 gloves for arc ratings. Many had been tested, but few manufacturers would label the gloves because the committee had included a statement in the scope to exclude D120 and F696 gloves from arc testing. While the statement was intended to prevent mandatory testing of these gloves it had the effect of preventing companies from labeling gloves for legal reasons...

Three linemen have died from injuries sustained in a hit-and-run accident in Chipley, Florida, on Wednesday, October 24. Police arrested the driver who struck the linemen while driving a pickup truck. The driver was traveling north on Route 77 when he veered to the shoulder of the road and hit the workers. The driver then...

I have two questions about how to clean insulated tools. When we need to clean our insulated tools, what kind of cleaner or brand is acceptable? There’s this thing called Plasti Dip to put a rubber coating on your tools. Is that safe enough to use rather than purchasing insulated tools? Answer: To clean insulated...

The dangers of a potential arc flash or arc blast occurring during a fire make the job of fire fighting that much more hazardous. Put that situation in an underground vault or a commercial building with 3-phase power, and the dangers increase. Some stations may have plans already established that include emergency response in underground...

A 51-year-old utility worker was killed last week when he made contact with an overhead electrical line. Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) posted the preliminary details of the incident: “A two person crew was getting set to replace an electrical pole and while removing the new pole from their truck, contacted the...

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Are there any data sources to support the need to dress to the hazard when performing tasks that 70e allows to be performed without PPE?

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